True Manufacturers

Milco International was born in Detroit during the age of craftsmen. When parts makers were closer to watchmakers, than metal shop workers. This philosophy of manufacturing set the standards in the Milco International family of companies. The philosophy of innovation, of precision and speed.

The Milco International family of companies build top-shelf equipment that fits the exact needs our clients, all over the world. We bend over backwards to fit into your process, so you don’t have to bend to fit into ours.

Recent Work

Milco Kits Save OEM Client

Issue:  OEM Customer having chronic problems with breaking parts from an

Modular Floor Pan Gun

Milco designed a specialized gun with a very large throat and

MLS Lightweight Series

Due to process changes and the need for speed, Milco customers

Svide Train Car Gun

Milco designed the Svide Train Car Gun in order to help